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— Julia Collin Davison on In the Kitchen with David, QVC, February 11, 2015


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This all-purpose cookbook is a fantastic resource for both new cooks just starting to learn their way around the kitchen and more experienced cooks. It covers pretty much every regional American recipe you can think of, from mac and cheese and chili to drop biscuits and chocolate chip cookies. The editors occasionally branch out into edgier fare, like Asian braised tofu and jerk chicken, but for the most part, the recipes stay fairly mainstream. There are plenty of sidebars on techniques, ingredient profiles, and test kitchen tips to ensure success with every recipe.

The Kitchn, December 9, 2014

Do you know someone who has never cooked, but needs to start? This would be a terrific cookbook to start them on their way. It starts with how to hold a knife, proceeds to illustrate step-by-step guides for the best way to cut common vegetables, assuming the reader knows absolutely nothing. Then it lays out the edible world in 1,100 recipes, from cooking dried pasta to making iced layer cakes from scratch. Its comprehensive index is actually faster to use than Google. That is a gift indeed.

The Buffalo News, Buffalo, NY, December 9, 2014

The 10-year anniversary edition of this beast of a cookbook encompasses 888 pages and weighs 6 pounds, 4 ounces – that is, according to the scale in The Spokesman-Review’s mailroom. But don’t let the size scare you. It’s well organized, user-friendly and extremely practical.

The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, WA, November 19, 2014

Containing 900 pages, 1,356 recipes and more than 1,100 step-by-step photos, it may come to take the place on the kitchen shelf of those favorite cookbooks of former generations, “The Betty Crocker Cookbook” and “The Joy of Cooking.”

The Post & Courier, Charleston, SC, November 18, 2014

— Julia Collin Davison on You’re Home with Jill, QVC, November 5, 2014

Radio Interview with Jack Bishop: Updating The Family Cookbook From America’s Test Kitchen

— Wisconsin Public Radio (listen online), October 10, 2014

America’s Test Kitchen’s The New Family Cookbook arrived with a weighty thud last month, fairly demanding with its size and breadth (1,100 new recipes!) to join my collection of food bibles. I was prepared to be grudging—at this stage in my life, I require no instruction to make deviled eggs—but when I opened to the two-page spread featuring Cuban Black Beans and Rice, I got interested. This is exactly the kind of new basic that dear old Joy isn’t jazzy enough to trust on and can’t be found in my collection of beloved Latin cookbooks, which all skew Mexican. … America’s Test Kitchen delivered big time, first on the clarity of this carefully outlined recipe (with 8 pictures, in case I needed visual hand holding) and then on the taste level. They were scrumptious initially, only got better by day three and gave me many happy lunches.

Portland Press Herald, October 8, 2014

Jack Bishop, Editorial Director of America’s Test Kitchen, talks about cooking for family. The new edition of The America’s Test Kitchen New Family Cookbook includes over 1,000 new recipes from their meticulously tested lab recipes, calibrated perfectly for home cooking across America. Bishop shares time saving tips, how to master cooking basics, and which kitchen gadgets are worth investing in.

— The Leonard Lopate Show (listen online), September 26, 2014

If you had to have one cookbook and that’s all you could have, this one would do it.

CBS San Francisco, September 12, 2014

Excerpts from Reader Reviews:

This book has so many wonderful recipes and illustrations, that every cook, from newbie to gourmet, will find this one book invaluable. I can literally give away or put away the majority of my other cookbooks, as this one has everything I will ever need. [read full review]

This is the perfect bridal gift, perhaps with cookware. It is the perfect house warming and new apartment gift. It is a perfect gift for a beginning cook right up to a gal like me who has been cooking for a long time. Why? Because it’s all inside—everything you need to know from A to Z once you walk into a kitchen. What to use and how to use it and why you should use it. [read full review]

This is truly the essential cookbook that every American kitchen should not be without. I’d give it ten stars if I could. Highly recommended. [read full review]

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